what to wear

First and foremost, BE YOU!  Your clothing choices should allow you to be yourself and reflect your family’s personality. My family is casual, relaxed and playful. So jeans fit us well. What is your family like? Also, what is your living room like? Where will you be hanging the beautiful pictures? Consider the coloring of your house as well. Now, with that said…here are some ideas to get you started.

#1:  One color

Pick one color and wear different shades of it. But add in some dresses for the girls rather than all in jeans. Add accessories too!

#2:  Two or three colors

Or pick a couple of colors and have different coordinating shades on everyone. Those colors can be bold or they can be soft. Depends on your preferences and what fits your family best.

#3:  Patterns

Found a pattern you like? Use it. No need to stay with solids. But don’t use too many busy patterns, throw in some solids or real simple stripes to balance it out.

#4:  Add some pop!

Wear simple colors, like black, tan, or even gray. But then add a pop of color or personality with colorful hats, jackets, shoes, scarves, or other accessories. Or even stay simple with your clothing colors but then lets go to a bright location for your background. Be you! Let you shine!

#5:  Dont be afraid of beautiful bold color!

Color photographs so beautifully, whether it’s mellow color or bold color. It photographs so much nicer than white. So, go for it! If you’re a bold, spunky person, then find some beautiful color! BE YOU!

by Cori Derksen

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