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planning out your walls

I love helping my clients plan out their walls so that they can look fabulous!

These gallery wrapped canvases below are hanging on my sweet client’s wall after two different newborn sessions together that were almost two years apart. Ellen’s newborn session in 2010, and her little brother Wilson’s newborn session this past summer. What fun to now have beautiful, meaningful canvases hanging on the walls.

I am a visual person and I often think that it helps to have a visual to help plan out your walls. It helps to see how the different sizes will look together. So I create all different types of visual aids to help my clients design their walls to their liking. Here’s a wall set up for an extended family shoot we did this past spring. They picked their favorites and we put them all together in a large grouping of gallery wrapped canvases. So fun for grandma to be able to look at these beautiful faces every day, right?  :)

And this example below is how I give a client options when they’re not quite sure which they’d like best. Seeing it laid out always seems to help.  :)

I have more wall display ideas and examples on my blog. The possibilities are truly endless. My goal is to get these fabulous images up on your walls in a way that makes you smile every time you look at them.


planning out your walls

I love helping my clients plan out the walls in their home for their lovely pictures.

First, you pick out your favorite images and decide on the wall or walls that you’re going to fill. This way we know how much wall space we have to work with. Then you need to decide between canvases or framed prints. Both are fabulous but different. Then you email me those details and any ideas you already have. Then I move forward with creating a couple of visual ideas for you (like the one shown below). And we will work together to make it something that will look amazing on your walls and make you smile each time you walk in the room.

Here are a few of the hanging process and the final results (taken with an iphone).

You can also find more wall display ideas on my website here. I am in the process of updating this display page and adding more real life images from my client’s homes to show you.

wall displays and sizing

Just wanted to give you an idea of how truly fantastic a 30×40 canvas or framed image can look in your home. They’re not as big as they sound and they are truly, so very… fabulous! And they often make much more of a statement than three or five smaller images together.

The canvas above my smaller couch in my living room is a 30×45 and I love it. Here it is pictured below.

The photo of my family was taken by Aaryn James.