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molly + joe: one year anniversary

It’s so fun to photograph a couple’s love for each other. Molly and Joe it was an honor to capture a few moments and document your playful relationship on your first wedding anniversary.

stacy + john, married 10 years

This is Stacy and John. This year they have been married ten years. That’s seriously awesome in my book and worth documenting …especially since they still like each other.   :)

This awesome couple is also the parents of three beautiful girls and dear friends of mine.

I’ve really been enjoying photographing special anniversaries for couples. If you’re about to hit five years, ten years, or even a random thirteen years, it’s fun to photograph you together and your lovely love for each other.

jerrod + jen, married ten years

Ten years of marriage deserves at least a few moments away from the little people. So you might have seen my recent post of the Rumley family. Well these are the two that were the originals of that family…well I’m sure it goes further back, but you know what I mean…to me they’re the originals. After their family photo shoot we sent the little people away and focused on them and their ten years of marriage.

I sure admire them and appreciate their love for each other and for the Lord. They’re pretty much amazing especially as I’ve watched them rely on the Lord through happy as well as tough times. They have quite a story and I’m sure Jen wouldn’t mind you checking out a bit of it on her blog. But for now, here are a few pictures of this sweet couple…married ten years.  :)


shara + jeff, married ten years

This lovely couple is celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary. What a fabulous way to celebrate, by documenting their love and their ten years of marriage…