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friday faves

I’m so grateful it’s Friday. This week it feels like…. ahhh finally! :)

My faves for this week and a little longer:

  • grateful for an opportunity to take my boys snow skiing for the first time. it was great family time and also quite hilarious.
  • coffee… i love my coffee
  • an itty bitty baby this week who slept and slept and slept…. makes my job much easier  :)
  • time exploring the great outdoors with my boys on their day off… and snapped a few pics of them
  • sleep. this week i made sleep a bit more of a priority and it’s amazing how much that changes my day and my perspective.

My recent fave pictures:

friday faves…

Things are quite full right now but… I want to pause and do a little Friday faves because there is so much to pay attention to and so much to be grateful for.

Some faves from this week (and maybe even month):

  • My husband. He is the man for me without a doubt. And I am so proud of my hard working man.
  • Corn mazes… my boys love mazes of any sort but they get especially excited about corn mazes. How fun is that right? Well we found a good one this year and they loved it. I have a feeling next Fall we may be on the hunt for even bigger corn mazes.
  • Quiet evenings. Currently quiet evenings are a little harder to come by with soccer and the busy Fall photography season but oh when they happen…I am ever so grateful. I am on a mission to make more slow quiet evenings happen. Evenings with games of uno, listening to my big boy play piano, laying on the couch, and tickling… lots of tickling.
  • Coffee. Just coffee.
  • My yoga pants and workout clothes. I have not worked out much this month but I have loved editing in my cozy yoga pants. :)
  • God’s faithfulness. I’m grateful.

Some favorite images from these past couple of weeks (from my phone and legit camera):

And I love this one of my boys below in their halloween costumes. Doesn’t my big boy look so grown up?

friday faves

Friday faves time….

But hey, let’s just call this summer favorites on a Friday instead since I haven’t really done a Friday faves this summer. But I haven’t blogged a Friday faves for good reason…when I wasn’t working I was busy enjoying the summer with my family.

So here we go…some favorites from this summer:

  • Slow mornings
  • Extra ice cream  :)
  • Camping with my family
  • The age of my boys (they turned 7 and 9 this summer). Though they’re getting big and that’s a little sad, it sure made camping even more enjoyable…especially the tent camping part.
  • Swimming and swimming and swimming
  • Long conversations with my husband. We hit 15 years of marriage this summer. Amazing. All the glory to God.
  • Working on re-branding, updating my business design and packaging. I love making things pretty. :)
  • Coffee… I like it and I stay up so late that I often need it.
  • My mom… a.k.a. Nana. She’s basically awesome in so many ways.
  • My Drew as a mountain tent camper. He’s a disaster. So very dirty and he just loves it.


 And some favorite personal images from this summer:

Oh how my boys love climbing big rocks…

And sliding down the Oceano dunes is the BEST!

…with lots of little friends…

The sand, ocean, waves, rocks, and a shovel…that’s his happy place. :)

Tent camping as a family in the beautiful high country.

With all the cousins…

Good buddies, cousins…

Everything about summertime is kind of my favorite.  :)

friday faves

Faves from this week:

  • some slower family days together up at hume lake
  • frisbee golf. so fun.
  • watching my boys devour clams in the shell for dinner
  • windy, cooler days…more like springtime
  • my husband…he’s a keeper.  :)

Fave images from this week:
Some family pictures from our days up in the mountains. Starting with a sweet genuine smile from my biggest boy. I usually capture his closed mouth smirk. This is his big sweet smile with his big boy teeth. Love it.